Yeshu tere pyar | येशु तेरा प्यार कितना महान lyrics

God wants you to know that we are all commanded to love one another. With all the disorder that we see in the news right now, let us remind ourselves that we are called to love and not to hate. We are called in unity as one in Christ despite our religion, race, or nationality.Only the love of Jesus Christ can bring us together. Nothing is more powerful than this Love that laid down His life for everyone. May the love of the Lord fill


apane haathon se mujhe chalaata
apanee chhaanv mein mujhe chhipaata
apane asheeshon se bharapoor karata
apane vaadon ko poora too karata

anugrah ka pita hai too
asheeshon ka sota hai too
daya ka daata hai too 
shaanti ka raajakumaar hai too

yeshu tera pyaar kitana mahaan
beshakeematee tera balidaan x 2
yeshu tera pyaar kitana mahaan
beshakeematee tera balidaan

apane seene se mujhe lagaata
apanee aatma se mujhe too bharata
mere bojh ko too uthaata
saare dard ko too mitaata

ab tak hamen sambhaale rakha
ant tak too sambhaale rakhana
shoony se hamen hazaar kiya
shukriya tera sada sarvada

dhany hai tera naam
pavitr hai tera naam
sarvottam hai tera naam
shaalom hai tera naam x2

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